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This blog was created by a Christian, Conservative, Agriculturist in order to reach out to that segment of our population that has lost its agricultural roots and is seeking understanding of how their food reached their plate and how legislation and regulation impacts those that produce food, fuel, fiber and shelter.

Captain Mark Kelly Commands Attention

Captain Mark Kelly

Captain Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly, a navy pilot who flew 39 missions in Iraq, went into space four times, was Commander of the Space Shuttle Endeavour for its last voyage, delivered a passionate and inspiring message to the Farm Bureau delegation at the 94th Annual Convention in Nashville.

“Have a goal, a plan and then work hard.”

Whether you are setting personal, professional, business or organizational goal, take the time it takes to plan out how to achieve it and then do what it takes to get it done.

“How good you are at the beginning is not a good indicator of how good you can become.”

No matter what you do, you can always improve your skills and knowledge. Those who are successful, continue to find ways to improve and are not content with the status quo.

“There’s never an excuse for not communicating.”

Failure in relationships, business and organizations is almost always a result of not communicating with others.

Safety comes first, then mission success.”

Always address issues of safety first…without safety, even the best planned mission will fail.

“Create the best team possible…no ‘yes’ people.”

If you want to succeed, surround yourself with individuals who are not afraid to ask questions, look at things in a different light. If you are never challenged, you will never do the best that you are capable of.

“Deny the acceptance of failure.”

No matter what the challenge is that you face, you will be successful by not accepting failure as an option.

In closing, Captain Kelly delivered a message from his wife:

“Be passionate, be courageous, be strong.” – Gabby Giffords

A wonderful address, by a man who has shown what it is to be true hero and how to overcome the most challenging of circumstances.

Foundation Flapjack Fundraiser and New ‘Book of the Year’

2013 Book of the Year

2013 Book of the Year

An amazing book was recognized this year as the AFBF Foundation for Agriculture 2013 Book of the Year, The Guardian Team…On the job with Rena and Roo, by Cat Urbigkit. It shares the story of two unlikely friends coming to the ranch together as “runts” and growing a relationship of trust as they work together to protect their sheep on a Wyoming ranch.

The American Foundation for Agriculture focuses on building awareness, understanding and a positive perception of Agriculture through the sharing of accurate information. The materials and programs are designed to not only be reliable but meet today’s educational standards and be utilized in schools across the country.

If you haven’t visited the site yet, be sure to stop by and check out My American Farm.

My American Farm

My American Farm

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