Top Ten Finalists for 2013 YF&R Achievement Award

We hear every now and then about the “greying” of American agriculture, that our farmers and ranchers are aging and no one is there to take the reins. Based on what I see this weekend at the AFBF Annual Meeting  – and from my friends back home in Texas – I know nothing could be further from the truth.

Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer & Rancher Achievement Award contestants provide fantastic proof that the future of agriculture is in good hands. Members from across the country participated in this contest, first at the local and state levels and then advancing to represent their states this weekend at the national contest.

The YF&R Achievement Award honors a young member or couple who demonstrates the best of agriculture – farm growth, financial savvy, Farm Bureau leadership and more.

These folks are the cream of the crop. Spend a few minutes with any of the contestants, and you’ll feel energized and encouraged about the future of farming and ranching across this country.

Please join me in congratulating the following top ten finalists for the 2013 YF&R Achievement Award:

Dan & Mikki Hosman, Arkansas
John & Alicia Boelts, Arizona
Josh & Amy Farley, Florida
Chris & Marilynn Hopkins, Georgia
Orville & Jessica Haney, Indiana
Michael Springer, Kansas
Ryan & Misty Bivens, Kentucky
Brad & Minnie Bray, Missouri
Joshua & Julieanna Ogle, Tennessee
Nate & April Aker, Virginia

The winning member will be announced later during the meeting. Check back soon for the results of the YF&R Achievement Award contest.

In the meantime, fear not – the future of American agriculture most certainly is in good hands.

amandalewishill is Amanda Hill, associate editor at Texas Farm Bureau. Amanda writes for Texas Table Top, a blog engaging in conversations about food, nutrition and farming in the Lone Star State. She also helps manage Texas Farm Bureau’s social media efforts, including FacebookTwitter, Pinterest and more. Find her on Twitter @amandalhill).

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