Discussion Meet Competitors Qualify for ‘Sweet 16’

We talk a lot about the need to start conversations about agriculture. There are many issues that farmers and ranchers currently face and will face in the near future that will require solutions through collaborative discussion. For the 2013 Discussion Meet contestants, these conversations already are happening as they participate in this year’s competition.

The AFBF Discussion Meet is designed to simulate a committee meeting where participants engage in a conversation about a topic important to agriculture. Competitors are evaluated on their ideas, cooperative discussion and collaboration with others.

The Discussion Meet began today with two rounds of competition. Panels of four contestants discussed issues like farm labor and how to engage Farm Bureau members who are not actively employed in agriculture. Judges then determined the top 16 contestants, who will advance to the Sweet 16 round at 8 a.m. Monday.

Congratulations to the 2013 Discussion Meet “Sweet 16” competitors:

Dillon Kjerstad, Arizona
Diane Coderniz, California
Kelvin Moreno, Florida
Matt Bottoms, Georgia
Elizabeth Kohtz, Idaho
Ann Larson, Illinois
Julie Ann Thelen, Indiana
Dr. Stacy Vincent, Kentucky
Brooks Long, Maryland
Alysa Sanford, Michigan
Kristy Miron, Minnesota
Cory Williamson, Mississippi
Kulani Lawler, Missouri
Brad Heimerl, Ohio
Allison Honea, South Carolina
Chaney Mosley, Tennessee

Best of luck to all of the Sweet 16 competitors and stay tuned to find out who will be the 2013 Discussion Meet winner.

amandalewishill is Amanda Hill, associate editor at Texas Farm Bureau. Amanda writes for Texas Table Top, a blog engaging in conversations about food, nutrition and farming in the Lone Star State. She also helps manage Texas Farm Bureau’s social media efforts, including FacebookTwitter, Pinterest and more. Find her on Twitter (@amandalhill).

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